Hungary: Say no to racism through football – Roma and non-Roma speak out in Halmaj

The film is a product of Cicsero, the Independent Roma News Agency of Cserehát run by local Roma people in Hungary. The current report is about a football match in Halmaj, Hungary between Roma and non-Roma Hungarian football players. The match was organised as a symbolic answer to the racially motivated killings of Hungarian Roma in 2009, with the intention to express unity against racism. Members of the Roma self-government and the Vice Mayor of the local government speak out.

During the report a Roma child is telling us about his dreams - he wants to be an astronaut and a policeman when he grows up.

Halmaj is a village in Cserehát, the most marginalised region of Hungary.

Excerpts from the report:

“We would like to send a message to the society to say no to racism through sports.” - A member of the Roma self-government

“Poor children were murdered by people who do not belong to us. That person can be Roma or non-Roma, can have black skin or yellow skin, it doesn’t matter at all. Me personally and in the name of our local government and in the name of those who are here, with my dear friends, we condemn that act.” - Vice-Mayor of Halmaj

About Cicsero began its activity in October 2008 in Cserehát, which is a small and marginalised region in the North-East part of Hungary. Cicsero’s mission is to provide written and audio-visual news about issues related to the Roma minority living in Cserehát and to show the local and minority angle.

This report was shot and edited by Cicsero - Viktor Siroki, Péter Siroki and Laci Siroki


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Date: 31/03/2009




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