Kenya: MRG condemns targeted attacks on Ogiek activists

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) condemns the recent attack on two activists from the Ogiek community in Ngongogeri, Rift Valley Province in Kenya, and calls on the police and judicial authorities to conduct a full and impartial investigation into the incident.

James Rana, 38, an Ogiek land rights activist, was brutally attacked by assailants on Sunday night at his home in Ngongogeri. According to the Ogiek People's Development Programme (OPDP), a local NGO working to secure the rights of the community, six people broke into Mr. Rana's home around 2:30am and attacked him with machetes, knives and other tools, causing serious injuries to his head, hands and legs. He was rushed to Nakuru General Hospital, a local hospital where he received treatment, and is now recovering at home.

OPDP said a similar attack occurred earlier last week, where a group of people attacked and abused Rosaline Kuresoi, 34, a local land and minority women rights activist, on her way home from Njoro market.

Both Rana and Kuresoi are protesting attempts by land speculators to forcibly take over Ogiek land in Ngongogeri. They accuse local government officials of siding with the speculators.


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Activist James Rana
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James Rana outside his damaged house
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Kobei addresses the crowd
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Weapons used by assailants
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Womens leader Rosaline Kuresoi
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Date: 03/03/2011




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