India: Dalit women trained on advocacy

These photos are of a training session with minority women, taken in January, 2011. The participants were Dalits in the Sundarban area of West Bengal state. Training was based around awareness creation on gender and empowerment, and the importance of children rights. The training focused on: community mobilisation, empowerment processes,  development leadership qualities, lobby and advocacy strategies

The Christian Children Fund of Canada works on child centred development programmes with key five sectors: education, water and sanitation, health and hygienic, sustainable livelihood development and strengthening institutions and community organisations (SICO) through its partner organisations. The target groups include: Dalits and other minority communities, economically marginalised families and their children.

Under SICO sector of interventions, major activities are of empowering the minority and  marginalized communities to have rights and privileges and accessing mainstream welfare measures from government, banks and financial institutions

By increased leadership qualities, the minority groups are able to lobby with the government, PRIs (Panchayat Ra Institutions) towards attainment of their rights. The role of our partner NGOs are vital.


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Date: 04/09/2011





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