Uganda: Cross-cultural encounters in the grazing lands of Karamoja

In October 2015, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Maria Heubuch and Norbert Neuser visited Karamoja (Northern Uganda) to learn about pastoralism. During their visit they discovered how pastoralism copes with climate change and assures food security. Though pastoralism has many benefits, it is often threatened by unadapted domestic and/or international policies. 

The two MEPs were invited by the Coalition of European Lobbies on Eastern African Pastoralism (CELEP), an informal coalition of European organisations, groups and experts working in partnership with pastoralist organisations, groups and experts in Eastern Africa. The members of CELEP, which include MRG, work together to lobby their national governments and EU bodies in order to explicitly recognize and support pastoralism in the drylands of Eastern Africa. 

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Date: 24/10/2016




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