Ukraine: A year without Ervin

The 24th May 2016 was a crucial date for Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian human rights.

Activist and member of the Bakhchysaray regional mejlis, Ervin Ibragimov (aged 30) went missing on that day near his house in Bakhchysarai, central Crimea. The abduction occurred around 11:00 PM as shown by footage from a CCTV camera of a building nearby. Ibragimov was forced into a van (Ford Transit, white colour) by a group of men in Russian transport police uniforms, a day before he was meant to attend the Sudak court with some of his activist peers.

The situation in Crimea has been increasingly aggravated since March 2016. Through hopeful and unstoppable activism, his father and members of both the World Congress of Crimean Tatars and the Bakhychsarai regional mejlis have managed to make the case heard and investigated by the Ukraine government, the European Union and The Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances of the United Nations Humans Rights Office.

Despite these efforts there is no news on Ibragimov, and his family and friends are still looking for some answers. For this reason they put together the documentary “A Year without Ervin”, that narrates their long journey to try to find and free Ervin.




For more information visit SOS Crimea website

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