Europe/Italy: New documentary - Opre Roma!

Opre Roma! retraces the origins, history, habits and traditions of the Roma people but also tells the direct experience of some of the people who belong to this community. Also history, art, music, culture and everyday life are shown with the intent to make known the reality of the Roma in order to not reduce it, as so often happens, to social problems and negativity..

The film is divided into two "parts" that will alternate and intertwine:
- the first is of a purely cultural-historical nature
- the second is biographical and focused on the living testimonies of some Roma people, which will introduce both normal and exceptional stories, often marked by a difficult past related to the ethnic/cultural identity but also by a positive epilogue.

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Date: 29/11/2017




Culture and Tradition

Press Contact Information

Name: Paolo Bonfanti

Telephone: +393387137568

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