Syria/Iraq/Lebanon: The Forgotten Genocide - new report from A Demand for Action

“The Forgotten Genocide” - In this document, we have interviewed Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs and other Christians who have fled their homes with only the clothes on their backs, and who now live under harsh conditions in places like the ghettos of Beirut.

Many of them have missing family members. Some have been kidnapped, others raped, many tortured-all because of their faith. What they have gone through - an attempt to be driven out of their motherlands in Syria and Iraq forever - cannot be interpreted in any other way than genocide.

The most vulnerable people in these countries are left without any help from the world leaders.

In mid-September A Demand For Aciton's Nuri Kino was in the Middle East together with European Parliamentarian, Lars Adaktusson, and his staff members, Charlie Weimers and Martin Källstrand to meet and interview Christian IDP:s and refugees.


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Date: 24/10/2016




Religion/Religious minorities

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Name: Nuri Kino/A Demand For Action

Telephone: +46707993244

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