Cameroon: The power of policy advocacy for minorities

Minority groups are often confronted with the problem of giving their voices a loud echo and making their issues visible enough to reach policy makers. This article is a personal testimony of how writings can enhance the issues of the minority and how they can be transformed into a policy statement. Indeed my article "Time for a National Bilingual Commission in Cameroon" saw the implementation of this structure in January 2017. My argument in the article was that it would therefore be an unprecedented quantum leap for Cameroon to create a functional Bilingual Commission, implement the spirit and letter of its constitutional provisions, transform decrees pertaining to bilingualism into reality, respect the statutes of the Bilingual Commission and eventually seek admission into the International Association of Language Commissioners.


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Date: 13/04/2017





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Name: George Ngwane

Telephone: 237677668479

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