Ukraine: Why education for Roma is key to integration

Roma education in Uzhgorod. Why education for Roma is a key to integration into Ukrainian society

 Author: Roman Zymenko, information advisor to International charitable organization “Chirikli

The Transcarpathian region represents a multifold space in which many cultures and identities are intertwined. Historically, Transcarpathia was one of the most multicultural regions of Ukraine, where for many years the largest percentage of Roma lived along with Ukrainians and members of other nationalities.

It is hard to say how many Roma live in this region today, since the last official census was held in Ukraine in 2001. But even at that time, the number of Roma in Transcarpathia, according to the official figures, was the largest compared to the other regions of the country - about 14,000, which was a quarter of the total Roma population in Ukraine (47,587). At the same time, according to the unofficial estimates,Roma in Transcarpathia are in fact about 40-50 thousand.

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Date: 13/09/2017





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