Guatemala: New film - El futuro maya II

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with support from Virginia Commonwealth University, Tulane University, and Vanderbilt University, has recently co-produced a sequel documentary film, El futuro maya II.  

This film features interviews from nineteen Maya in Guatemala from various backgrounds: students, teachers, writers, weavers, and activists. It focuses on indigenous identity, discrimination, the Maya Movement, language revitalization, and their visions for the future. 

The original 1998 documentary, El futuro maya: Voces del presente, focused on the Maya Movement shortly after the signing of the 1996 Guatemalan Peace Accords. The sequel, which includes thirteen of the original participants, reconsiders many of the same issues affecting the Mayas today, twenty years later. Both documentaries are in Spanish with English subtitles.  

We invite you to view the new documentary, as well as supplemental material at

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Date: 06/12/2017




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