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MRG's Head of Law, Lucy Claridge, visits Burundi  

Lucy Claridge, Head of Law at MRG, travelled to Burundi in December 2009 to further investigate a Batwa due process/land rights legal case that was proceeding but delayed at the domestic level. Lucy's trip included meeting with the Batwa community in Mutaho, meeting a local lawyer, collecting statements and evidence, assessing the merits of the case and considering next steps. Contact For more...

SWM 2014: Using radio as a tool for peace in Burundi 

Studio Ijambo was launched in 1995 by the organization Search for Common Ground (SFCG) in the wake of the genocide in Rwanda. Like its neighbour, Burundi was struggling with significant inter-ethnic violence of its own. The aim of the programme was to establish an alternative platform to promote dialogue and tolerance through the radio, in contrast to the hate speech and incitement spread by...

Burundi: Les Swahilis du Burundi 

Ces dernières années, la question dite ethnique a énormément marqué les écrits sur le Burundi, ce petit pays situé au cœur du continent africain, anciennement colonisé par l’Allemagne et, après la première guerre mondiale, par la Belgique. Combien on s’est plu à présenter les Bahutu et les Batutsi comme « deux ethnies » en perpétuelle opposition ! En réalité, dans la période coloniale, la...

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