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Europe: Corporate abuse flows along BP’s oil pipeline  

Early in 2011, the UK government ruled that a BP-led oil consortium was not carrying out the human rights responsibilities of multinational companies in its operations on the controversial Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline. The 1,770 km pipeline runs from offshore oil fields in the Caspian Sea near Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and on to the port of Ceyhan on...

Iran: Repression of Azerbaijani-Turkish community intensifies as presidential election approaches  

As the June presidential election approaches, Iranian authorities intensify repression against Azerbaijani-Turkish civil rights and political activists, subjecting them to long-term arbitrary detentions and heavy prison sentences.In May 2013, a revolutionary court in Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province charged five members of an organization named New Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement with “establishing an illegal organization to undermine the state's national security” and “engaging in...

Central Asia: Russian-speaking population is leaving due to terrorist threat growth 

Such a conclusion was made by the authors of the report “ISIS: threat for the Central Asia and Caspian region”. The report was based on the results of a long-term monitoring of the activities of the Islamist terroristic organizations in Central Asia and Caspian region carried out within the frameworks of the project entitled “Central Asia: evaluation of risks of the Caspian region security”....

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