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Mauritius: Poverty and exclusion in an ethnically-plural society, new study 

The complex linkages between poverty and ethnicity are explored in the context of Mauritius. The research finds that the causes and patterns of poverty differ according to ethnic group. Economic, political, and social spheres are analysed.The author carried out doctoral field research for fourteen months in Mauritius to collect primary data concerning: ethnic identity, inter-ethnic/religious relations, poverty, exclusion, and marginalisation.Mauritius is an ethnically-diverse country...

Mauritius: New group denounces discrimination against Creoles  

Minority Voice, a newly born organisation bringing together minority rights activists in Mauritius has taken the decision to keep track and record various cases of discrimination perpetrated against the creole community in Mauritius. Click on the link below to download an article wihch gives an overview of the sorts of discrimination children of the creole community face in the education sector in...

Mauritius: Creole Chief Inspector challenges law preventing police officers joining union 

Minority Voice is following closely the case of Chief Inspector Hector Tuyau, a well-respected member of the Creole community in Mauritius. He is currently facing discrimination and is being victimised by the Commissioner of Police, Dhun Iswar Rampersad, who is a member of the Vaish and Hindu majority. This has happened after Chief Inspector Hector Tuyau approached the Supreme Court and the Human...

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