DRC: Refugees in their own land

Armed conflict has left an estimated 2 million people displaced in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Among the worst affected are Bambuti Pygmies who, since being forced to leave their homes, have suffered repeated displacement.

A joint mission by the Congolese Network of Pygmy Organizations and Minority Rights Group International in September 2009 found how, despite the presence of UN peacekeepers, they remain at grave risk.


For more information contact Mohamed Matovu, MRG's Africa Regional Information Officer via the Contact page.


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CNDP soldiers, now integrated into the Congolese army following a peace accord last March, hang around outside the camp.
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War in the DRC reignited again in 2008 when the Congolese army clashed with rebels of the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP). The displaced persons’ camp at Kiwandja, North Kivu, grew up spontaneously when the population fled for prote
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UN peacekeepers now watch over the camp from behind coils of razor wire, their weapons trained on the people they are meant to protect.
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A shower block. Conditions inside the camp are desperate. The first cases of cholera were diagnosed in September.
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Young people have been stuck inside the camp for months with nothing to do. Although the inhabitants can leave, it is dangerous to go out, particularly for girls.
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Date: 04/03/2010


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