Zimbabwe: Bulawayo residents unaware of their rights

The Majority of the minority communities in Matabeleland are not aware of their rights and do not know what the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission is or what it does, a research by an independent non-profit human rights think tank reveals.

According to the 2016 Access to Human Rights Information Research carried out by Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights in Bulawayo recently, Respondents were asked to name any 4 human rights enshrined in the Constitution and only 18% of them managed to identify four rights, 12,9% identified three rights, 9% identified two rights and 5% identified only one rights. 54.5% did not identify any right at all.

The Respondents to the research were further asked to rate their understanding of human rights and 10% rated their understanding as Excellent, 16.9% rated Good understanding of rights, 35% rated Average with 13% rating Poor, 6.5% rated Very Poor and 18% did not rate at all.

The research further sought to ascertain the Respondents knowledge of human rights protection and promotion mechanisms and 80.5% of the Respondents did not know what the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission is whilst only 19% attempted to explain what the Human Rights Commission is.

Bulawayo is the regional and administrative capital of the Ndebele minority people of Zimbabwe and its residents are drawn from the minority peoples of Matabeleland North and South Provinces of the Country.

More information on the Research is found on the think tank blog: https://matabelelandinstituteforhumanrights.wordpress.com/

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Date: 07/05/2016





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