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Iraq: The Genocide Against Mandaeans Continues Saturday, 03 December 2016The Genocide Against the Mandaeans of Iraq Continues Written by Mandaean Human Rights GroupRelated items Iraqi Minorities Security Council Proposition Stop the Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of the Mandaeans in Iraq Ginza Rabba "The Great Treasure" The Holy Book of the Mandaeans in English Mandaean Refugees CrisisThe Mandaean Human rights group condemns the brutal killing of a Mandaean man...

Iraq: Trapped in a limbo - Iraq’s displaced minorities and the difficulties of return 

By Mays Al-Juboori With more than 3 million Iraqis still internally displaced, the country’s protracted crisis – driven in large part by the 2014 offensive of ISIS through northern Iraq – is still a long way from being resolved, even with the apparent retreat of its forces from Mosul and other strongholds. Ensuring the safe return to Ninewa and other areas of former residents,...

Iraq: The situation in Sinjar and the north 

تعاني منطقة سنجار من انتهاكات حقوقية عديدة اذ ما زال الوضع يتسم هناك بالعديد من المشاكل المستعصية في العديد من المجالات الحياتية اليومية، مع ملاحظة ان العديد من عوائل سنجار ما زالوا نازحين، والعودة تشهد بطئ واضح خاصة وان العديد من دور المواطنين والمباني العامة مهدمة أو محترقة وطالتها ايدي التخريب والتدمير. الوضع الصحي في قضاء سنجار يشكو من الاهمال الشديد، اذ بالرغم من...

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